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Transforming a Large Enterprise Manual QA Team to 85% Automation Run Rate

Rob Zalgenas, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care QA Director
Vijay Ankireddypalli, Automation Solutions Architect NTT Data

Wednesday January 8, 2019

QA teams are being asked to do more with less. Scope has increased by shifting left for agility while simultaneously being asked to shift right to support operations. Building an automation team from scratch is one thing, but what do you do when you already have a large enterprise manual QA team of subject matter experts that are beloved by the business?

The answer was to retain what we valued and convert our existing manual team into an automation shop. Through trial and error, we learned a lot along the way and ultimately found the correct recipe to convert our team from a 15% automation run rate to 85%. This session will share our journey with peers in similar situations so that we can provide insights into what worked as well as the hard lessons we learned along the way.

  • Attendees will learn how to implement a transformation of a functioning, largely non-technical QA team into an automation success story.
  • Users will see a roadmap on how to increase test breadth, scope and coverage within resource and cost constraints without compromising quality results.
  • Management will have insight into key metrics that help to monitor progress along the way and expose areas at risk.

About the Speakers:

Rob Zalgenas has been with Harvard Pilgrim Health Care (HPHC) for almost twenty five years. In that time he has helped evolve the Quality Assurance practice from the ground up. Rob currently manages a team of about 100 testers across five offices in three countries. Recent efforts have focused on creating meaningful test metrics and analytics.

Rob started his quality journey as a business tester in some of HPHC’s earliest UAT sessions. After discovering he had a knack for finding bugs, his responsibilities increased to include additional applications for additional business units. Over time he began to lead project test efforts across the organization and was positioned to lead wide scale quality oversight.

Vijay Ankireddypalli brings over 16 years of experience in IT. He has extensive experience with QA, End to End Automation Solutions, Automation Framework Architecture/Re-Engineering and Automation Consulting on many different platforms. He specializes in a consultation role for test automation accelerators and tools to test partners’ products.

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