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Testers and QA as Agile Leaders


Johanna Rothman, known as the "Pragmatic Manager", Author and Blogger


We've all heard that agile approaches are a team-based approach, requiring all the skills and capabilities of a cross-functional team - including testers. Why then, does it seem as if some teams and organizations think they don't need (no stinkin') testers? They are not using the agile mindset and agile values to create terrific products. You, as a tester/QA person can help others learn the agile mindset and value with your day-to-day work. You can use your mindset to build your courage to lead the agile transition, for yourself, for your team, and maybe the larger organization.

Johanna will discuss how you can develop an agile mindset, seeing and living the "art of the possible". We'll discuss how your mindset influences your change artistry tools, and maybe even what you call yourself. We'll see how to learn from small successes and continue to make progress, as your change yourself and your organization.

Bio: Johanna, known as the "Pragmatic Manager", provides frank advice for your tough problems. She helps leaders and teams see problems and resolve risks and manager their product development.

Johanna was the Agile 2009 conference chair and is the author of these books:

  • Create Your Successful Agile Project: Collaborate, Measure, Estimate, Deliver
  • Agile and Lean Program Management: Scaling Collaboration Across the Enterprise
  • Manage Your Project Portfolio: Increase Your Capacity and Finish More Projects, 2nd edition
  • Project Portfolio Tips: Twelve Ideas for Focusing the Work You Need to Start and Finish
  • Diving for Hidden Treasures: Finding the Value in Your Project Portfolio (with Jutta Eckstein)
  • Predicting the Unpredictable; Pragmatic Approaches to Estimating Project Schedule or Cost
  • Manage Your Job Search
  • Hiring Geeks That Fit
  • The 2008 Jolt Productivity Award-winning Manage It! Your Guide to Modern, Pragmatic Project Management
  • Behind Closed Doors: Secrets of Great Management

She writes column for, and writes two blogs on her web site,, as well as blog on

Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month from September through June, at the offices of Genesys, 77 South Bedford Street, 5th floor, Bedford, MA.

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