Wednesday February 16, 2022 6:30-8:00 pm
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Balancing Manual and Automated Tests: Finding the Right Mix

Speaker: Damon Paul, Quality Engineer at [SQGNE sponsor] Mabl

Manual testing has long been the cornerstone of software quality, relying on the expertise of software testers to ensure an excellent user experience. However, high-velocity teams often struggle to keep up with frequent releases, demanding a hybrid or even fully automated approach.

To manage, quality teams are turning to low-code test automation solutions. But, the line between what to automate and what to test manually is blurred. Understanding the role of each - and their impact on UX - is critical to building an effective quality strategy.

In this session, Damon will explore ways to combine manual and automated functional testing to create a high-impact quality engineering strategy. Attendees will hear about how to:

  • Connect your strategy back to the user experience
  • Balance the roles of automated and manual tests
  • Leverage low-code test automation in your quality strategy
About the speaker . . .

Damon Paul is a Quality Engineer at SQGNE sponsor mabl, which SD Times calls a “company to watch.” Damon loves nothing more than to empower humans with technology and knowledge. With experience as both a Manual QA Specialist and QA Automation Engineer, Damon is great at quickly understanding a team's quality testing needs and then guiding them towards the testing practices that work best for them.

Mabl, our newest sponsor, is a low-code, intelligent test automation platform built for Agile teams. It's the only SaaS solution that tightly integrates automated end-to-end testing into the entire development lifecycle. Mabl's native auto-heal capability evolves tests as the application UI evolves with development; and the comprehensive test results help users quickly and easily resolve bugs before they reach production.

Creating, executing, and maintaining reliable tests has never been easier. Mabl enables software teams to increase test coverage, speed up development and improve application quality - empowering everyone on the team with the ability to ensure the quality of the applications at every stage. Learn more at mabl.com.

About SQGNE . . .

SQGNE has prominent speakers presenting on important topics. Online Zoom meetings give us the opportunity to have outstanding non-local speakers like Jon Hagar, Rob Sabourin, and Paul Grossman. However, in the expectation that we would resume in-person meetings with face-to-face interaction and Flatbread pizza, we again scheduled Boston-area presenters starting in January. We're also encouraging SQGNE members to use our forum to share ideas and develop their speaking.

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SQGNE President Darin Kalashian and Red Hat Software Automation Engineer Neha Chopra presented January's meeting on “Driving Quality In-Between Requirements and Testing.” They suggested using models, such as a context model driven down to lower data flow diagram levels, to aid evaluating the design. They also described several well-known risk evaluation techniques including a risk matrix and failure modes effect analysis (FMEA).

Past multi-book-raffle winner, Eduardo Sanchez, donated Think Again — The Power of Knowing What You Don't Know by Adam Grant. Congratulations to winner Lily Truong.

Due to Omicron, meetings have continued online via Zoom. We need a new site north of Route 128 in the Bedford/Burlington area for in-person meetings with face-to-face interaction and Flatbread pizza, presumably resuming in September. Please contact SQGNE President Darin Kalashian with meeting site suggestions and contact info.

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