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Test More, Test Faster, Test Continuously

. Bob Crews, President and CEO of Checkpoint Technologies

How can you leverage the power of technology to transform your test efforts into a lean mean testing machine? Most organizations understand the absolute necessity of automation and include it as an integral part of their testing. But what if you could add more power and punch to your testing by leveraging your existing automation by making a few modifications to your processes and tools? Continuous Integration can give you that added horsepower. And the beauty of it is you can leverage common tools that many organizations have in house. Each area that works together can provide some added muscle needed under the hood to build a powerful muscle car of testing. You can call it a Hemi but what it means is Test More, Test Faster and Test Continuously!

  • The benefits of Continuous Integrations (CI)
  • How an Automation Framework fits into a CI strategy
  • ALM Integrations with common CI components
  • Testing Tools that are CI configurable

About the Speaker:

Bob Crews, President and CEO of Checkpoint Technologies, co-founded Checkpoint Technologies, January 2003 with corporate headquarters in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. He has consulted and trained for over 280 different organizations in areas such as test planning, implementing automated frameworks, risk analysis, the Internet of Things, and developing practices which ensure the maximum return-on-investment with automated solutions. He proud to serve as the current President of the Tampa Bay Quality Assurance Association and Co-leader of the Vivit Florida Regional Chapter. Bob has presented at numerous conferences and user groups throughout the world including QAI, EuroStar (Copenhagen), TestCongress (London), HP Software Universe, and LatinStar (Mexico City).

Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month from September through June, at the offices of Genesys, 77 South Bedford Street, 5th floor, Bedford, MA.

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