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The following links are sites of interest to the software quality community...

Software Security
RSA Security
Attack Patterns
Build Security In
Center for Internet Security
Cyber Security & Information Systems Info Analysis Center
Common Attack Pattern Enum. and Class.
Common Weakness Enumeration

Software Engineering Stories
Van Vleck's Software Engineering Stories

Software Quality & Testing
NASA Software Assurance Tech Center
Software Testing Institute
Software Testing Online Resources
SQA Forums

Software Inspections and Reviews
Karl Wieger's Peer Review Goodies

Quality & Process Metrics
Agile Connection
COCOMO & other tools

Software Process
CrossTalk, Journal of Defense Software Eng
The Dilbert Perspective
LASER - UMass Lab for Advanced SW Eng Research
SEI News
Software Best Practices Webinars

New England Area Groups
ACM Greater Boston Chapter
ASQ Boston Section
Boston SPIN
IEEE Boston Section
Northeast Quality Council (NEQC)

Software Quality & Liability
Cem Kaner's Software Liability Site

Software Consultant Newsletters
Johanna Rothman's "The Pragmatic Manager"

SQA & Other Standards
American National Standards Institute
IEEE Standards Association
International Electrotechnical Commission
ISO 12207
ISO Online (ISO 9000 & 14000)
International Committee for IT Standards

General - Quality, SQA/Process
The Deming Institute
QFD Institute

Software and Quality Organizations
American Productivity and Quality Center
American Society for Quality
ASQ Software Division
Association for Computing Machinery
Association of Information Tech Professionals
Association for Software Testing
Brazilian Function Point Users Group
British Computer Society
Business App Software Developers Assn
Center for Internet Security
Finnish Software Measurement Association
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