Wednesday September 20, 2023 6:30-8:00 pm
(On-site pizza and networking: come at 6:00)

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New AI Tool Reviews & Writes User Stories, Acceptance Tests

Speaker: Scott Aziz, Founder of AgileAI Labs and Leader of Spec2TestAI Development

30th season kickoff, In-person 6:00-8:00 pm ET Wed. Sept. 20>, 2023 at VMware 65 Blue Sky Drive Burlington, MA. Register here to receive a Zoom login link and register with VMware for security and pizza in person.

Free Flatbread pizza is back! We plan to simultaneously broadcast over Zoom. The in-person and Zoom meeting starts at 6:00 PM with networking for the first 30 minutes. The presentation starts at 6:30 pm. Come in person for the greatest experience ( and pizza :-)

September Meeting . . .

Even agile software development teams are constantly challenged to be more productive. Historically answers have been limited largely to automating tedious manual tasks. Now state-of-the-art, AI-driven methodology is beginning to be able to improve both quality and speed. Learn about Spec2TestAI, the revolutionary first AI tool focusing specifically on aiding rapid creation of better Agile user stories and their acceptance tests. Win, win, win with better quality in less time, cost, and effort.

Spec2TestAI identifies and rectifies ambiguities within software requirements. By implementing automated review processes centered around a comprehensive 7-point framework, early ambiguity detection can drastically reduce project rework, ensuring smoother development cycles.

The tool instantly designs and generates test cases based on mathematical analysis of cause-effect tables that provide thorou>gh requirements coverage. Additionally, Spec2TestAI instills security from the get-go, notably through auto-generation of security tests mapped to security frameworks such as the OWASP Top 10.

***Provide your own user stories and acceptance criteria*** (send them to Robin Goldsmith) for Agile AI Labs founder Scott Aziz to show you how Spec2TestAI:

  • Rigorously refines requirements to build in quality and reduce rework.
  • Increases confidence in software acceptability.
  • Enhances skilled professionals’ knowledge work.
About the speaker . . .

With a span of 30 years dedicated to Software Quality Assurance, Scott Aziz recently founded Agile AI Labs, where he has led the design and development of the revolutionary Spec2TestAI tool. Previously he adeptly managed software QA and testing operations for several Fortune 500 companies, continuously elevating their software delivery standards. Further, as a strategic consultant to some of the industry's leading software outsourcing entities, he has been instrumental in architecting sophisticated quality frameworks for commercial software.

June's speaker was Mingquan Zheng, SmartBear API Product Group Architect, on “API contract testing: An introduction and validation.” Recordings of past presentations can be accessed on-demand at www.SQGNE.org under the Calendar and (for previous seasons) Past Presentations.

Grateful thanks to sponsors Checkpoint Technologies, mabl, Flatbread Pizza of Bedford, and now VMware for making SQGNE possible. Please let us know of any additional prospective sponsors.

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