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Are Certifications Still Relevant?

Why You Should Know About the Newly-Updated CSQE Body of Knowledge

Speaker: Linda Westfall of The Westfall Group

December Presentation and Speaker . . .

The American Society for Quality (ASQ) updates the Body of Knowledge (BoK) for its various certification exams on a regular basis. The December 2023 Certified Software Quality Engineer (CSQE) exam will test against the newest version of the CSQE Body of Knowledge, which contains several important topics that have been added to the longstanding prior version.

Linda Westfall leads The Westfall Group and Software Excellence Academy, which presents weekly free informative Westfall Wednesday Webinars and frequent in-depth seminars on topics relevant to software quality. She is author of the original edition of the Certified Software Quality Engineer (CSQE) Handbook and its forthcoming significantly-updated new edition covering additions to the BoK.

Linda has developed and regularly presents an intensive, also just-updated for the new exam, five-day “CSQE Exam Prep” seminar for ASQ and alternatively through the Software Excellence Academy:

· The changes to the newly-updated CSQE BoK and exam.

· How CSQE certification compares to other software quality certifications.

· Why certification is still relevant and perhaps even more important.


November Speaker. . .

Our November speaker was Perfecto’s Mina Sprengeler, who engaged active audience participation with a largely demo-based presentation on “Accessibility Matters: The Importance of Testing the Latest Inclusive Applications.” Perfecto’s tool can analyze objects on a screen to evaluate critical accessibility characteristics, such as contrast that can affect readability, especially for those with limited vision. In addition, the tool can draw upon and remotely exercise a worldwide inventory of virtually all mobile device makes and models.

Recordings of past presentations can be accessed on-demand at under the Calendar and (for previous seasons) Past Presentations.

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