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Get Deserved Respect & Understanding with an SQA Value Proposition

Lisa Dennis, President of Knowledgence Associates

Wednesday November 13, 2019

“Communicating the value of testing to the organization” is one of the challenges QA testers reported they face most frequently on the job, according to a 2018 State of Testing survey by Practitest.

In today's marketplace, value is in the eye of the beholder. Knowing that doesn't make it any easier in conveying the value of SQA professionals' contributions to organizational success. Understanding how to craft a value proposition that communicates your value in terms that matter to your stakeholders, co-workers and management team is critical. This session will give you a framework to develop the right message to increase understanding and credibility:

  • Defining stakeholder needs in their language
  • Building a focused offer statement to drive home your contribution
  • Selecting the differentiators and proof that matter to your audience

About the Speaker:

Lisa D. Dennis is President of Knowledgence Associates and a Senior Associate of ITSMA.

Lisa brings over thirty years of marketing and sales experience to her keynote and featured presentations, with a strong background in B2B strategy and execution. She has worked with companies across a broad range of industries (specialty in high technology, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, and professional services) including Akamai, Citrix, CSC, Dell, FedEx, HP, Hitachi, IBM, Microsoft, Mutual of Omaha, Tufts Health Plan, Verizon, Wipro and many others. Lisa authored the 2018 book: Value Propositions that Sell: Turning Your Message into a Magnet that Attracts Buyers. She also has launched an online training program for value proposition development, called The Simple Value Proposition Plan. A guest blogger for TechTarget, Kite Desk, and Pipeliner CRM,, and a co-author of the book 360 Degrees of the Customer — Strategies & Tactics for Marketing, Sales and Service, she was the president of the Boston chapter of Sales and Marketing Executives International (SMEI), as well as serving on its international board. She also co-founded Sa les & Marketing Innovators in the Boston area. Lisa has a B.A in Writing from Wheaton College, and an MBA in Marketing from Babson College.

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