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Peek Inside the International SQA Standard’s Progression Toward Proactive SQA™

Speaker: Robin Goldsmith, JD Past President and Current VP of SQGNE

May Presentation . . .

Who cares about international standards? Should they/we? Robin shares personal perceptions from participating in six IEEE and ISO standards Working Groups. Compare how various group structures, practices, and procedures affect productivity and participation. See secrets for gaining greater influence over content. Follow the early Software Quality Assurance (SQA) standard’s progression from plan to reactive to proactive. Examine whether standards continue to be relevant and what you or they may need to do differently.
  • What it’s like to participate in and influence a standard’s Working Group
  • Current and likely coming changes to the international SQA standard
  • What it’s like to participate in and influence a standard’s Working Group

About the Speaker . . .

SQGNE past President and current Vice President, Robin Goldsmith, JD, works directly with and trains business and project professionals to get the right results right. One of few with legitimate BA/requirements and QA/testing credentials, he is author of Discovering REAL Business Requirements for Software Project Success and the forthcoming Cut Creep—Write Right Agile User Stories and Acceptance Tests. A prominent thought leader and featured speaker, he has contributed to several international standards and was a subject expert for BABOK v2 and TechTarget’s

April Speaker  Bob Crews - President of Checkpoint Technologies
Do certifications truly make a difference? As an employer of hundreds of resources in the past 21+ years and an instructor of various QA & Software Testing certification courses, Bob Crews is asked this question regularly. "It depends" is typically his reply. "On what?" they'll then ask. This exchange is then followed by questions such as:

·        Which certification do you recommend? Why?
·        What value do they provide to you as an employer?
·        Are certifications difficult?
·        What's the cost?
·        Do I need to renew?
·        How long does it take to get certified?
·        What are the prerequisites?
·        Are all certifications the same?

In this interactive presentation Bob answers these questions and more. He will share the benefits of certifications from his perspective as an employer. Focusing on the QAI and ISTQB/ASTQB certifications he will share the specific certifications available, costs, level-of-effort, formats, and tips to prepare. We look forward to having you join us!

·        The value of QA and Software Testing certifications
·        How to determine which certification is right for them
·        The more popular certification in today's ecosystem


Recordings of past presentations can be accessed on-demand at under the Calendar and (for previous seasons) Past Presentations.

Grateful thanks to sponsors Checkpoint Technologies, mabl, Flatbread Pizza of Bedford, and now VMware for making SQGNE possible. Please let us know of any additional prospective sponsors.

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