January 2021 Meeting at SQGNE (online)

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Why I Love Test Automation... Why I Hate Test Automation

Speaker: Bob Crews, CEO of SQGNE sponsor Checkpoint Technologies

Wednesday January 20, 2021   —   breakouts/networking 6-6:30, meeting 6:30-8

Few things in life conflict me as much as test automation. I started my IT career in 1988 as a COBOL programmer and developed a passion for QA and test automation in 1998. The benefits and value of test automation – when implemented and used correctly – can be significant! This is why I love test automation! I've consulted and trained on test automation for over 260 organizations. It's interesting the most common error I see is failure by organizations to look at test automation holistically in the context of improving software quality! It's easy to fall into this trap. This is why I hate test automation.

During this session we'll discuss why test automation can easily trigger a “split personality” to develop in many of us.

With a focus on love for test automation:

  • We'll elaborate upon the less common benefits of test automation
  • I'll share tips on how to get more out of test automation
  • We'll reflect upon its evolution and contemplate its future (and factor in Artificial Intelligence)
  • And I'll ask each of you to share why you love test automation – if you do

With emotions which may border on hate:

  • I'll expand upon how test automation drives some to lose sight of the ultimate objective – software quality!
  • We'll weigh the difference between using test automation to improve tests vs. to improve software quality
  • I'll share insight, and ask for you to share yours, on strategies to keep from losing sight of software quality and continuous improvement

About the Speaker:

Bob Crews, CEO and Co-founder of Checkpoint Technologies, is a consultant and trainer with 30 years of IT experience in full life-cycle development and software testing. Bob and his organization provide services and solutions focused on QA with a concentration in functional, performance and security testing. He has assisted organizations such as Harvard University, Raymond James, the FBI, J.P. Morgan Chase, and the Department of Veterans Affairs in developing teams, processes and solutions to improve the quality of their applications and systems. Bob has consulted for over 290 organizations on QA, effective software testing, building effective teams and process, test automation, and risk analysis. He is exceptionally passionate about the future of IT and software testing and believes “The best is yet ahead!”

Tricentis Strategic Account Executive AJ Ford and Engineer Zeena Kabir presented a most enlightening description and demonstration of Tosca scriptless testing in December's “Off-Script: The Truth about Scriptless Vs. Scripted Test Automation.” SQGNE member Thara Rao not only recommended and linked us to Tricentis, but she also won the raffle for a copy of Jim McCarthy's Dynamics of Software Development courtesy of Darin Kalashian and DSK Consulting.

Meetings are held on the *THIRD* Wednesday of each month from September through June, until the pandemic at the offices of RSA, 174 Middlesex Turnpike, Bedford, MA 01730. We want to serve our members as best we can and intend to resume in-person meetings when the CoVid-19 danger subsides. Sorry, we haven't figured out how to distribute free Flatbread pizza through an Internet connection.

Early participants can join a Zoom breakout room for networking 6:00-6:30.
(Please also provide ideas on ways to improve the online networking.)

Thanks to SQGNE's Mike Arnold who arranges and runs the Zoom meetings.

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