February 2021 Meeting at SQGNE (online)

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Leveraging AI to Maximize Test Coverage & Enable Smarter, Faster Testing

Speaker:Mike Pettinella, Sr. Enterprise Account Exec at SeaLights

Wednesday February 17, 2021   —   breakouts/networking 6-6:30, meeting 6:30-8

DevOps is changing the way that software is delivered. With dozens of builds a day and countless tools used by multiple personas to support the delivery pipelines, Software Quality Risks are increasing and the traditional Quality Management platforms are no longer fit for purpose. SeaLights software quality intelligence platform uses AI and Machine learning to deliver real-time insights that transform traditional software testing practices. It provides software delivery teams the precise information and data they need to test smarter, release faster with higher quality. In this session you will learn how to

  • shift left on quality and uncover escaping defects at inception in every commit, build or release
  • attain 360-degree visibility of overall code coverage across ALL test stages and ALL test types
  • make data-driven decisions and de-risk every software change at every control point
  • target intelligent testing for every software change for faster test cycles
Bob Crews, CEO of SQGNE sponsor Checkpoint Technologies, Inc. as always gave a well-received talk in January. Very much a discussion with lots of audience participation, Bob presented David Letterman-like Top Ten lists of &Why I Love Test Automation...Why I Hate Test Automation.” Congratulations to member Dave Franklin, who won January's raffle donated by former SQGNE Director Candace Murphy: Agile Testing by Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory, and Agile Tester 2015 by Steen Lerche-Jensen.

Thanks also to Bob for arranging our Special Bonus SQGNE meeting Feb 9. Sohail Haque, Agile & Dev/Ops Practice Manager at Checkpoint, shared key info and insights on “The Untapped Value of Jira and What You Need to Know.”

Meetings are held on the *THIRD* Wednesday of each month from September through June, until the pandemic at the offices of RSA, 174 Middlesex Turnpike, Bedford, MA 01730. We want to serve our members as best we can and intend to resume in-person meetings when the CoVid-19 danger subsides. Sorry, we haven't figured out how to distribute free Flatbread pizza through an Internet connection.

Early participants can join a Zoom breakout room for networking 6:00-6:30.
(Please also provide ideas on ways to improve the online networking.)

Thanks to SQGNE's Mike Arnold who arranges and runs the Zoom meetings.

Quality is everyone's job but not everyone's specialty. Whatever your role, SQGNE helps you better understand and apply software quality to improve your job and career performance. Attending monthly meetings, reading and posting on the SQGNE LinkedIn Group, and volunteering in various SQGNE capacities all contribute to your benefit. We especially need your help with membership and communications but welcome your involvement in whatever you'd like to do.

Because of uncertainty regarding in-person meetings, we'll be conducting online Zoom meetings at least through February, which gives us the opportunity to have outstanding non-local speakers. In order to present programs that help you, we need you to recommend monthly presentation topics and hopefully also speakers, including yourself. Recordings of our Zoom presentations, starting May 2020, are accessible on the Past Presentations and Calendar pages.

SQGNE is initiating economical, convenient online professional training, including “A Practitioner’s Guide To Agile/Scrum Software Development” and “CSQE Exam Prep”. Contact Darin Kalashian at seminars@SQGNE.org or darin@dskquality.com for more information and to discuss additional topics.

SQGNE is partnering with QA Global Summit 2021 by Geekle, now April 6-7, 2021. A 2-day dive into the latest QA insights:

  • building QA from scratch
  • Testing Data with AI
  • QA career-path turns to take
  • Testing through the lens of business
  • All this and much more! :)
2 tracks: FREE Entry Level OR Full Access Pass just $119
  • 14 hours of NON-STOP tech talks from world class speakers
  • 40+ speakers from Top Companies from all over the world
  • Live Q&A sessions and panel discussions
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Please read, comment on, and add posts on our SQGNE LinkedIn group. A few weeks ago, new member Fritz Reeve posted a question looking for members’ informed advice; and when last I looked, nobody had responded. Please chime in. Such group discussions are a valuable benefit that rely on members’ active participation.

SQGNE relies on sponsors like Checkpoint Technologies and Flatbread Pizza of Bedford to enable us to continue our 27th season as an educational and networking forum for promoting software quality and professionals. RSA will not be hosting in-person meetings, so we need a new site north of Route 128 (ideally in the Bedford/Burlington area) for when in-person meetings do resume. Please help us identify topics, speakers, and additional sponsors. Contact Robin Goldsmith at robin@gopromanagement.com.

Please donate software/quality/testing books for upcoming raffles when live meetings resume. Thanks to member Manny Jasus for donating a bunch and to Director Bill Basinski for arranging to receive some MIT library deaccessions. We can use more, since we're essentially out of what once seemed a never-ending supply.

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