April Meeting at SQGNE: online

Using Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Thinking to Drive Software Quality

Speaker: Kevin Weiss, CEO of Philip Crosby Associates

Wednesday April 8, 2020

QFD is widely influential and highly-respected, yet surprisingly little known, especially in software. QFD popularized the “voice of the customer (VOC)” approach to identifying needed quality and using a House of Quality to map how proposed solutions do and do not satisfy the said needed quality. QFD can be a powerful aid to assuring delivery of quality software.

Philip Crosby was one of the three monumental quality gurus, along with W. Edwards Deming and Joseph Juran. Together, they made Quality top of mind. Most of what we do today, and too often take for granted, was because of their breakthrough thinking. Phil Crosby introduced: cost of quality, zero defects, the basis for capability maturity models, and the most common definition of quality as “conformance to requirements.”

Kevin Weiss carries on today as CEO of Philip Crosby Associates and brings us desperately-needed insights to fill too-common software quality gaps due to thinking that ignores wisdom older than the latest tweet.

Kevin previously was General Electric's IT Six Sigma Master Black Belt responsible for Board-empowered enterprise-wide parallel quality structure affecting the entire software development organization and contributing significantly to GE's quality-driven business dominance.

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